We create e-comm+ to automate many tasks from any modern company. Never mind, if you are e-commerce seller, or own company that have many orders from eBay or Amazon. We try to keep up to date information about your need, so, if you have custom request do not hesitate to contact us with request about changing or adding some new options or settings. We keep our skills up to date and we can give you guarantee about our products! You can trust us and place your current business tasks in our hands. Our system, e-comm+ support all eBay and Amazon sites, Walmart in USA and Aliexpress. We working hard to add new marketplaces and big sellers.

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Date: Mar 1, 2016

Author: structMEDIA

Categories: project

Tagged: E-commerce, eBay, Amazon

Client: Dream Club Ltd

Website: http://e-comm.plus/


structMEDIA is a Software Development Company with focus on Outsourcing/Outstaffing and Building Custom Web and E-Commerce Applications. We provide Full-Cycle Development Services, Research and Prototyping, Design and Implementation, Testing and Optimization, Deployment and Maintenance. We are a Team of Web and JavaScript Developers using Various Frameworks to create Software that meets High Availability and Robustness requirements.

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